I enjoy color and texture with oils & collage, abstracting through familiar icons. Glued papers offer visual suggestions of color, shape, texture or line element to influence the composition. I enjoy the interruptions of text or image and how they contribute to the greater rhythm of the paintings.


The bed boxes explore ideas of enclosure and privacy. I like using resin and concrete because they are versatile and allow experimentation. As a building material, concrete can connote the impersonal while also speaking to comfort, stability and permanence. Resin gives delicate items protection.


The stereo photos help share enclosure ideas.


Leslie grew up in Alabama and moved to the DC area after undergraduate studies in oil painting. She began exhibiting at The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria's Old Town, attended The Corcoran's Georgetown campus for abstract drawing & painting courses, traveled to Provence, France to further study "colour" and plein air landscapes, and established a studio discipline. 

Leslie now resides in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, where she owned & operated an art supply retail store from 2007 until 2016. She and her writer husband have two sons: a teen and a kindergartener, both of whom keep the entire household on their creative toes.